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Fall is often the Best time of the Year

Highs: 70s
12 hours of sunlight

$ Dollars (but not many)

So who are Linda and Ron Nelson and where the heck is Haslett?

Us and JJ...more about him below
Linda and Ron are both retired. Linda is a former middle school teacher and high school counselor. Having worked for East Lansing Public Schools for 28 years she took advantage of my retirement (no way she was working if Ron wasn't). Since retirement she's been actively involved with the local Girl Scouts Council (now Vice President on the Board of Directors) and quilting (as a member and now an officer of the Lansing Area Patchers). Immediately after retiring, both Linda and Ron became docents (tour guides) at the State's Historical Museum. In addition, Linda spent a couple of years as a grievence support group facilitator at Ele's Place. Ele's Place is a local organization that supports child, and their family, when they have a loss, such as the loss of a parent, sibling or perhaps a close friend.

Ron spent 32 years working to the State of Michigan. Virtually all his time was data processing, starting as a computer programmer and ending as the Chief Information for the Department of Community Health. As mentioned above, since retirement Ron has been involved with the State Historical Museum, wood working, and as a senior consultant for Symbiosis, a local technology company. Now Ron spends most of his time working on this page (no he doesn't have any training in web pages...he was management for more years than not) and working in support of the Michigan Associations of Charter School Boards (this comes from having spent 12 years on the Haslett School Board).

Haslett? Check the map on the right. We're a sleepy little town just east of Lansing.

JJ...Our Son
Do we have any children? You bet we do. We have one of the most wonderful sons anyone can have. JJ (aka James) is a proud graduate of both Haslett and the University of Michigan (ouch...Linda and I are both graduates of Michigan State!). He now lives in California and just graduated from UCLA with a Masters of Fine Arts/Screen Writing program. So who's the lovely young lady next to him? That's Cheyna...his girl friend since the met at U of M! She too is a graduate of the University of Michigan and USC with a Masters of Social Work. Linda and I consider ourselves to be extremely lucky parents.