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Murren circa 1257

​From the Murren city website:
Mürren, the Dorf auf der Mauer (Village on the Wall) was first documented in 1257. Over the centuries its name has been written in a variety of ways: Montem Murren, Murron, Murn, Mürn, Murne, Myrrhen, and Mürren. It is an old Walser settlement, traces of which can still be detected in some of its buildings and also in the local dialect. It is thought that people from Lötschen in the Valais came over the then negotiable Wetterlücke (gap). In contrast to Wengen, Mürren is one long village along the mountain terrace, with no further villages beyond.

Area Map
Murren circa 1257
Days 8-9

Days 8-9
Luzern Engelberg Lugano Murren Lausanne Bern
•  Hiking to Gimmelwald
•  Hiking, train/cable car to
•  Lotschberg Tunnel
•  Schilthorn
•  Tea-Room Arnold
•  Zermatt and the Matterhorn

•  Whymper-Stube
•  Breakfast
•  Hotel Gornergrat-Dorf
•  Restaurant at the Hotel
•  Restaurant at the Schilthorn

•  Hotel Alpenruh

Zermatt Shuttle Ticket
Matterhorn Panoramic Map
Schilthorn Cable Car Ticket
Shilthorn Summer Guide
  What We Saw
Tea-Room Arnold

On our way to Murren we stopped for a break in Simplon. We grabbed some goodies and drinks at the Tea-Room Arnold and took a few moments to take pictures (outside the bus for a change) and marvel at the local scenery.

Tea-Room Arnold
3907 Simplon Dorf
Tel: +41 (0) 27 979 11 25
FAX: +41 (0) 27 979 16 28
  What We Saw
Zermatt and the Matterhorn

We went to Zermatt with the hope of seeing the Matterhorn. We didn't get a shot of it (I guess we just weren't patient enough). The shot below was taken by Janet.

The Matterhorn
Picture by: Janet M

  What We Saw
Lotschberg Tunnel

Switzerland was laced with tunnels. We took a train (the whole bus with us in it) through the Lotschberg Tunnel. To say it was a tight fit is truly an understatement. There was no more than 6 inches between the side of the bus and the railroad car.

From Wikipedia:
The Lötschberg Tunnel is a 14.612 km (9.079 mi) long railway tunnel on the Lötschberg Line, which connects Spiez and Brig at the northern end of the Simplon Tunnel cutting through the Alps of Switzerland.
Want to know more?

  What We Saw

Our visit to the Schilthorn was the highlight of our trip. We took a cable car to the top of the mountain. Out on the observation deck we took many pictures of the beautiful Bermese Alps. WHAT A VIEW! Although we couldn't see down into the Lauterbrunnen Valley we had a good view of the lakes to our north. We spent over 45 minutes just taking in the views.
The video below of the cable car that took us to the Schilthorn. It looked small from here, but as you can see from the photo below we all fit in.
Cable Car Arrives

9744 Summit in Bermese Alps
Overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley
Bermese Oberland, Switzerland
Tel: +41 33 826 00 07
  What We Saw
Hiking, train/cable car to Lauterbrunnen

Our afternoon in Mü​rren was broken into two parts. The first part was spent visiting Lauterbrunnen, the destination of our first visit to Switzerland, ten years ago. We walked east to the train station and took the train and a cable car to the valley below. We walked from the train station to the other end of town and then stopped at the Hotel Oberland for a break and some refreshments (the chocolate cake was yummy). The hotel was where we stayed ten years ago on our first Rick Steves' tour.

We considered a trip up to the other side of the valley (with a repeat of the hike we had taken 10 years before), but decided we really didn't have time and that it wouldn't be worth the CHF 120 it would have cost. So we headed back up to Mürren.

Hiking, train/cable car to Lauterbrunnen
  What We Saw
Hiking to Gimmelwald

We spent the remainder of our afternoon hiking down to Gimmelwald. One would think that a hike heading downhill wouldn't be any big deal...and it wasn't to start. However, after a while walking downhill can be very tiring and difficult on your knees and feet. None-the-less we made the trek and took the cable car back to Mürren.
Water, water everywhere
Hiking to Gimmelwald

  Where We Ate
Hotel Gornergrat-Dorf

We stopped at the Bistro Bar of the Hotel Gornergrat-Dorf for lunch. Our waitress was a challenge. We had moved one of the tables so the four of us could sit together. This didn't please the waitress. Then when we asked for water, she made it clear that there was no tap water for this part of the restaurant, i.e., we had to buy bottled water...(huh?). A language barrier...I assume?

Anyway we finally ordered and the food was good. As you can see from the picture of my plate, I had a lot more than just lunch. It was one of the few times I found Rosti on the menu. It's odd since to many in Switzerland they consider Rosti their national dish. It was DELICIOUS!

The meal was followed by the continuing challenge of the waitress. It took almost 15 minutes to finally get our bill. And it was clear that the waitress expected a tip. Ha! Last laugh was on her.

So the food as good, but the service was not up to Swiss standards. Because it's a resort town?

Hotel Gornergrat-Dorf
Bahnhofstr. 1
CH-3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)27 966 39 20
FAX: +41 (0)27 966 39 25
  Where We Ate

We had dinner together on our first night in Murren at our hotel. The food was well prepared and tasted great.

  Where We Ate
Restaurant at the Schilthorn

Breakfast on the Schilthorn was CLEARLY THE BEST OF THE TRIP. A true American style buffet with ALL the fixin's. OUTSTANDING. And the view was fabulous. The restaurant took about 45 minutes to revolve the entire 360. Great Food and a Great View. Do NOT pass up this opportunity.
Over Linda`s Shoulder Showing the Motion of the Restaurant

  Where We Ate
Restaurant at the Hotel Blumental

We ended our full day at the restaurant at the Hotel Blumental. There weren't a lot of choices for dinner (our hotel was just too expensive) so we decided to go here. The advertisement out front said that Rick Steves recommended it (turns out it is in his Swiss book) and with good reason. The food was great. By now we were used to the prices in Switzerland for food so that didn't really throw us. Anyways there wasn't a lot of choice. If there had been we might have missed a great place for dinner.

Restaurant at the Hotel Blumental
CH-3825 Mürren
Tel: +41(0)33 855 18 26
FAX: +41(0)33 855 36 86
  Where We Ate

We ate breakfast on our final day in Murren at the hotel. A standard European breakfast. As with all the others it wasn't special, but filling and got us through to lunch.

  Where We Ate

Deane and Fancine enjoying fondue
Picture by: Janet M

This is not a restaurant at which we ate. Janet took this picture Deane and Fancine enjoying fondue.
Joe, Michelle and (of course) Janet were there as well.
Bahnhofstrasse 80
3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 (0) 27 967 22 96
  Where We Stayed
Hotel Alpenruh

Hotel Post Card
(Post Card)
Hotel Alpenruh
Murren, 3825
Tel: 011 41 033 856 8800
FAX: 011 41 033 856 8888
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